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Can a tenant of my house, vacation pay homeowners liability policy for the damage they do to my rental property?

I own a vacation home rental property that the rent for a week and weekends. If the tenant damages my property I will be able to file suit against them and their policy owners pay for the damage? I had a tenant use my property and they or their results to burn holes in my furniture and carpets. He also broke a bed and a hole in the wall. They have a policy HO3 NJ, will pay the damages? The damage is considered intentional? I do know the policies HO3 liability coverage for damage to property. If you have not done diliberately. Liability covers homeowners residents and their families wherever they are, not only at the premises. This is what I wonder, did your homewoners property damage liability coverage to provide for damage it does to my property. I know I should make a claim against them, but the PD Party Liability coverage should cover the damage it does to my property. I think it is ok, but in search of a correct language, if anyone knows!

Not unless you sue them in small claims court and prove that a tenant different do no harm. Its owners policy will not cover it – will have to go after them personally. Tenant damage is part of the cost of doing business of renting – you need to factor in rental charges. You will have to determine if they were they, or their results. If you sue them, all I have to say was that we were not, was a visit! or, the damage was there when we got there! Then you have to prove differently. It is very difficult to do.

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