History Map

History Map
Help map of a drug in the history of New York City, please?

I've been doing genealogy work and need a little help. Me wonder if someone who is good at maps or knows the history of New York City can help me really well. I wonder if there is an intersection of the 213th St and Nassau Blvd at some point. It appears now, unless one of the names of the streets has changed since the 1930s. Any help is much appreciated … I hope this makes sense lol

In 1924 these two streets intersect, but 213 is named Aaron Burr RD. Later it was decided that in honor of the man who shot Hamilton (which was put on the ticket of that year and $ 10 cash at the time was actually Aaron Burr Rd!) was in bad taste and has changed the street numbers, while most of them after renaming streets other important dignitaries. Hope this helps.

History map of East Asia for 2000 years

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