Hills Hillcrest

Hills Hillcrest

San Diego is full of many very active communities. Neighborhoods that are always moving, always with a line-up of things to do are a good place to live because, as a resident, always full of a sense of purpose, a goal to make your life better too. Hillcrest on the northeast side of San Diego is just one of these communities remarkable.

Uptown-group neighbor with Mission Hills, Bankers Hill, Park West, and University Heights, Hillcrest is an old neighborhood that has been revitalized and now is the center of the gay and lesbian community in SanDiego. Though only a short distance from the center city's character is best described as a people of the cities. It has most of the amenities that a city has to offer and yet has retained much of its small-town charm and personality. Hillcrest is home to a renowned restaurants, trendy shops and even relaxing spas and salons to rejuvenate at the end of a stressful day.

When Hillcrest, hopes to become part of many festivities that the city regularly engages in. One of the biggest and most anticipated parades is the San Diego Gay Pride is the largest civic event in San Diego. It is the annual celebration of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, and is usually followed by a 2-day festival in Balboa Park.

Not surprisingly housing see time at Hillcrest. As part of an old neighborhood, you will find many Craftsman-style bungalows in the area that just adds charm to the area. Also by modern apartment buildings and condominiums that are mostly within walking distance of central city business.

Hillcrest is probably one of the few communities in San Diego, which experienced an increase in sales of single family home in June 2006, an average of about $ 700,000 more per household. Condominiums go for about $ 400K.

Team Aguilar is a real estate firm in San Diego County. If you’re looking to purchase Hillcrest Real Estate please visit their website. They can help you buy or sell if you are thinking of moving or relocating to San Diego County. Hillcrest is just one of many areas that may be the perfect city for you to relocate to.

Photoblog: San Diego’s Mission Hills & Hillcrest, Pride Friday 2009

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