Hills Capistrano

Hills Capistrano
Help, I'm trying to find a beach in Orange County?

Somewhere near San Juan Capistrano, is a beach with a long series of stairs and a steep hill. There is a car park and I seem to recall one at the front of some houses or apartments. And its very high because to get to the beach you must go this long series of steps and following the steps there is a fairly steep road. I've been losing my mind trying to find its cause can not remember what. Anywho place near Doheny and as the beach of Dana Point. Not sure which direction …

Could be one in Laguna Beach? Many of the beaches in the north of the lagoon will parking, and almost every beach in Laguna has stairs. It could also be 1000 steps Beach in South Laguna. Nearly all the beaches is also on the highway South Coast, so as to limit the number of beaches in Laguna "parking".

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