Higher Limits

Higher Limits
What credit limits credit score?

Say you have 3 credit cards with limits of 25,000 …. 20,000 … and 10,000 that these cards with higher limits that give a better score cards with 200, 300 and 500 dollar limits?

In theory, your credit limit does not matter, but its use is credit. They calculate the results based on a percentage "of credit available versus credit used. As a percentage, $ 30 at a limit of $ 300 (10%) are just as $ 3,000 on a $ 30,000 limit is again 10%. Remember that your percentage, not the value of $! Higher limits allow more cushion to remain under the optimal use of credit. Keep your credit utilization by 30%. In my experience of 1-10% is optimal. Higher limits allow you to spend more for your utilization rate can be lower. Its value, but not $ percentage.

Higher Limits pres. LTJ Bukem & Mc Conrad – Promised Land 1996 pt1

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