High Voltage

High Voltage
How to control a high voltage device with low voltage circuit?

I am building a hover craft of computer fans and a old RC car circuit. How do I give the fans a high voltage through a circuit with low voltage. the circuit has a maximum of 7.5 volts and fans need about 24 volts. How can I accomplish this with the merger out of the loop? Thanks in advance

I believe you could use a switch relay. Wikipedia Frow (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relay) "A relay is an electrical switch that opens and closes under the control of another electrical circuit. In the original form, the switch is actuated by an electromagnet to open or close one or more sets of contacts. It was invented by Joseph Henry in 1835. Due to a relay is able to control an output circuit of higher power than the input circuit can be considered in a broad sense, a form of electrical amplifier. "

AC/DC – High Voltage

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