Heys Exotic

Heys Exotic
What would you be able to see better in an airport?

I just managed to make a huge hole in the bag, I'm an idiot i know! So I am thinking of buying a new outfit. I travel a fair bit and will be traveling much this summer, so need something that is strong, very strong (I'm a girl!) And strike so you can see on the tape from the airport. Not like normal when I wonder if all the black bags is mine! Which of these do you think would be able to detect an airport in the best? 1) http://www.overstock.com/Luggage-Bags/Rockland-Deluxe- 4-piece-Zebra-print-Luggage-Set/3297866/product.html 2) http://www.overstock.com/Luggage -Bags/Heys-USA-Exotic-Polka-Dot-3-piece-Spinner-Luggage-Set/3444672/product.html 3) http://www.overstock.com / Luggage-Bags/Sydney-3-piece-Spinner-Lightweight-Hardside-Luggage-Set/2620949/product.html Thanks!

The zebra print seems well in place, but if I were you, and to travel so much must be taken into account weight and the latter are good for this and could eye catching dress to look with ribbons, bands, painting his own design with nail varnish, but must be in a good color foot wide belt out.Maybe a round half of the cases, with your name or a design of your choice with some eye catching it.Just tape wrapped around some kind of crazy thought.Maybe get design.I marker pen for fabric Children can design their own t-shirts, might be an idea as its own design will be discovered by you.Have fun doing that every time you.

Heys Luggage – Exotic xcase

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