Helium Pilot

Helium Pilot
The moon was towed here and half billion years for a EMV?

Former aviation pilot John Lear has examined the photographic evidence cities and mining operations on the moon. He said that mining operations such substances as helium-3 have been going on for years, and that antigravity ships, he secretly launched from Antarctica, reaching the moon in one hour time. Lear also argued that the moon was towed into its current orbit by a vehicle electromagnetic enormous, and that the vehicle can be seen in a photo taken of the moon crater Tsiolkovsky. He also believes that the moon contains a breathable atmosphere, as evidenced by photos showing smoke or vapor coming from the area. Richard Hoagland according to John Lear, which are artificial structures on the Moon, however, suggested that it may be "old" instead of new. If there is mining that is taking place there, might be for the retro-engineering of ancient technology, " Hoagland said.


Helium balloon cluster Launch – Pilot John Ninomiya

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