Hearts Collection

Hearts Collection
How much money do you think I could get for every game that is at Gamestop?

How Much Do You Think I could get by … SOCOM Tactical Megabots Strike Sonic Mega Collection Kingdom Hearts 2 Jak 3 Jak Transformers Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, Metroid Prime Tak 2 Spyro Enter The Matrix and Sonic Adventures

These are very old game, wait 3 to $ 10 each. However, Gamestop is having a deal in which they give you ten dollars for 4 games worth more than $ 2 each. Just go in 3 times with 4 different sets each time, and $ 20 extra grip. Moreover, as a bonus, you get an additional 25% if the trade to a preorder for Modern Warfare 2, odst, the new Super Mario Bros, or Aion.

My Kingdom Hearts Collection As of October 2009

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