Hawaii July

Hawaii July
need more information on North Korea missals hit Hawaii on July 4?

my mom is panicking until the Ying-Yang Comin missals to us .. Is there a way to stop the missals and what is Obama doing about it? Do you think reality will hit us .. Hawaii dude if you ago, then all concerned would die was a very small island .. and if any information will help. thank you:)

Only in what I read. Unlikely to be affected because the missiles have not been successful in its test flights of the past. The last was broken and the third stage ignition as never was supposed to be. Second, the missiles do not have the range to reach the northernmost island. Third – have not figured out how to start one with a nuclear missile active. I guess if they do fire one hand, the U.S. Army slows down just to see what its capabilities. My guess is that will disintegrate in flight Sucker and never came close to Hawaii. Not to mention if its guidance system is that good to begin with. Yes – and if you go that far, I'm sure the anti missile – defense system used in the Iraq war will be used first in Israel in Hawaii, if not already there. What I have read also that technological improvements were made since 1991 to make more reliable. If I were you, I would go to Hawaii unless they are already there. Personally, I'm not a fan BHO to start. BHO reminds me that tried Nevil Chamberlin appease Hitler. Hitler told him what he wanted, then invaded Poland anyway. Politically speaking, I think BHO is too naive to believe everything that has to do is talk about Nice and peple will be like the USA.

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