Harajuku Tokyo

Harajuku Tokyo

Tokyo is a huge city, and literally take a lifetime to experience all that this exciting place has to offer. Here is a list of 3 to be show Tokyo travel destinations for your travel experience in Japan with the right foot.

1. Harajuku

Tokyo's Harajuku known worldwide as the center of the Japanese street fashion. On Sunday morning, young Japanese get together to show Gothic Lolita, cosplay, rockabilly, visual-kei, and other creative ways. Many of the world's leading fashion designers make regular pilgrimages for inspiration Harajuku new fashion.

In Harajuku, Takeshita check out Doori, a band of cold is just across the street from Harajuku station full of trendy clothing boutiques, food stalls, and people ample opportunities for observation. Also right outside the station entrance is the venerable Meiji Shrine, which provides the perfect escape Back in Japan traditional and quiet, if you need a break from all the over-the-top Harajuku trendiness.

2. Shibuya

Shibuya is the center of Japan's hip, trendy youth fashion, and is an exciting place for dining, shopping, entertainment, tourism, and people watching, both for tourists and Tokyoites alike. Shibuya is famous for the world-famous attractions such as Hachiko Crossing, the intersection of business in the world (located just outside Shibuya Station) and Shibuya 109 fashion department store in Tokyo. Prepare for a flood of traffic from people like you have never experienced!

3. Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is the largest and most vibrant in the world auction, where every day, many tons of maguro tuna and other seafood are bought, sold and auctioned. This fish market in Tokyo is also home to some of the freshest and highest quality sushi you can find on this planet! Arriving at dawn to see the tuna auctions and then heading to a sushi shop near impeccably prepared a breakfast of ultra-fresh sushi!

Visit Tokyo these fantastic travel destinations guaranteed that his stay in Japan, will be unforgettable!

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imf’s “Local Feed” Tokyo – Harajuku Bridge

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