Hanging Cosmetic

Hanging Cosmetic
What is the best way to call in sick today?

I work in retail cosmetics, today were scheduled to have a great event flash of makeup, but since we have had no help at the counter and only a few were Appts aside, I'm 50% sure it will be canceled. My problem is this. My parents are visiting from out of town (only comes 1x a year) and I would spend the day with them. I feel compelled to entertain while here, as they are leaving in just a few days. What do you think is the best way to deal with this problem? Should I call and lie to my boss I'm sick? Should I go in a few hours and play sick and then leave? I know this question sounds very juvenile but it's a legitimate problem really. I know the event (if still is on) will go well despite me there, but I like to let my head hang, but I feel even worse to leave my parents alone all day. They are older and I try to savor every minute we get to see each other, as they often are not. Help!

I think the family should come first, if only one application ts.most few likely be canceled by calling and saying no feels good and if it comes with something you do not want to spread it's likely that your employer will understand

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