Gym Bag

Gym Bag
Is it OK to make my protein shake and leave it in my gym bag for about 5 to 6 hours?

I use a Maximuscle shaker and I've never done effort and left him for a long time, but will be OK. I mean it does not bother my stomach or anything like him!

I really like the idea put the powder in the bottle. Later, after your workout, go to the source of drinking water and fill it with water … shake and go. If you use a protein powder Creatine is one of the ingredients, I know that after 20 minutes or so, the creatine is converted into something your body will not be used for the intended purpose (creatinine), once the powder is mixed with water. So profit is gone. If the powder does not have creatine in your house shake with ice water. That will keep it cool a little, if you do not want to pack around a bottle of powder. Personally, I would not trust a protein shake that has been brewing in my gym bag all the time. Better safe than sorry … I have heard horror stories about muscular guys who got salmonella and saw all your work vanish with terrible episodes of jets and vomiting. Be careful.

Picking a Gym Bag

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