Green Pass

Green Pass

I've been studying for the LEED accredited professional exam for the past few weeks, partly because I have a personal interest in green building, and would like professional certification to reflect this, and partly because I have nothing else to do since I got canned from my job (besides blogging, of course). Let me tell you, this is a great deal of material to digest and spit back at a computer screen of the test site in 2.5 hours with nothing more than a photo ID as a reference. Trust me, this is not enough.

I've never been much memorization and really do not know why. Perhaps I do not feel the need to remember things that simply can search for later, or maybe my brain is capable of storing only a very limited amount of information. Anyway, I've always been better when I had a cheat sheet formulas or methods and then applied to a problem. So memorizing gobs of information associated with 69 LEED credits is not my forte. I think I prefer taking a class on contract law, and that's pretty bad.

Since I've been exposed to more LEED in the past six weeks, I've noticed more in the news and blogs that I encountered. Nicolette Toussaint, who has today published a blog on the greening project school, noted that green building is not only present significant energy savings to schools but also increases the health of students and teachers (less absenteeism) and is consistent with the highest scores.

This phenomenon also applies to companies where green office buildings reduce absenteeism and increase productivity on average of 1-7%, according to the U.S. Green Building Council. Business owners Yes, that means Mo 'Money in yo 'pocket. I can hear the boardroom fiving high. Or maybe it will conclude with a stiff Bloody Mary in the corporate jet.

However, all this new knowledge for green building will be much less useful if you pass this test of facts, figures, and processes. I have to figure out the next two weeks I have to do to get all this information in my head without losing a very important facts such as my Facebook password, my address, or name my mother's maiden (I then could not recover my password for Facebook).

I turned first to the tried and true method of cards. I've done to flash cards from the fourth grade and now in middle age of the TH-TH-TH-thirty-one years I'm out of work, making flash cards, and hope like hell that I spend a LEED certification, exam, exam for accreditation. This brave attempt at conventional memorization proved to be much less effective when I dropped flashcards perfectly organized. Many had two or three credit cards each and I was left trying to rebuild again … well, you get the idea. Lightning are a pain in the ass.

This is the last year is to take the LEED AP exam in the current rating system as soon going to change the credit system weight on a scale of importance (sorry, it's too late to sign). Currently, a project can earn the same number of LEED points to redevelop and rehabilitate a former site of a thermonuclear reactor would like to put a bicycle on the front. So this is a much-needed change, but the test will undoubtedly will be much harder and I am scared about what happens on this occasion.

Maybe I'm exaggerating, and I hope, but if you do not pay off putting I'm going to be a perennial recipient of LEED AP test. I'll have to build a studio green plant personnel to increase my learning potential and ability of the brain. This can not be a bad idea, but I really hope you do not come to this.

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