Green Luggage

Green Luggage

You just left the shower. Approaching his dressing closet, opens the door and assaulted with a foul odor. Odors closet can be a nasty problem. From that closets are confined spaces even the faintest odor producing source can create a terrible odor over time, and the smell gets to everything. While the temptation may be spending the rest of the day naked is not something you can do about closet odors.

It is important to consider the cause of your closet smells. Cupboards are dark places and musty odors can develop even under normal conditions of temperature and humidity levels, especially if clothes or linens are not fully dry when put away. Cells stored for long periods of time are particularly susceptible, and odors that are absorbed by the clothing can remain there as a patch of aromatic, even after several washings. Other sources of gym shoes may be sweating, cat litter, there are literally hundreds of sources odor cabinet divided into two categories "latent" smells and "continuous" odors.

With latent odors the source of the plague is no longer present and that can be remedied with intensive cleaning. This would include that unidentifiable noxious smell left by a previous owner. Other examples include mold, odors pet, spoiled food, or mothballs. If the smell is new keep in mind it might be a sign of a leak in the roof or siding and investigate accordingly. First take everything out of the closet. All items must be thoroughly cleaned. Wash clothes in warm water and repeat if necessary. A solution of ½ cup of vinegar, and a ¼ of baking soda mixed with warm water should be used to clean all surfaces in the closet. Bleach is not advisable as it will leave a pungent smell of its own. Leave the empty closet and the door open for several days to dry.

If you store a lot of shoes, dirty clothes, or kitty litter in your closet that is continuous source of odors. Initially, a thorough cleaning of the closet, it may be necessary but may not be possible to eliminate the odor source. Here you need something to absorb the odors before they accumulate, or create a way to escape. Placement of cups of vinegar, perfume, clothes dryer, or baking soda around the inside of the cabinet is ideal for this. Sprinkle antifungal powder or baking soda in shoes. Another alternative is to hang a sachet of volcanic crystals or perfumed cotton from clothes hangers. Another great way to keep clothes smelling fresh is to use cedar hangers.

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Ode to the Green Luggage

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