Gravity Luggage

Gravity Luggage

Management and maintenance of your locks seems an endless struggle. The hair iron is an art whose only pressing Reconstrx chamber is filled with fuel vapor, essential fluid that serves as fuel for the iron. When heated, the liquid in vapor form, along with all the press, penetrates the hair and makes it super straight. The iron essentially fixes the hair, reduces hair breakage unlike other pressing equipment and takes less time to reach the 'longed for' look.

Hair style is always a problem for women and blessed with thick hair, thick and curly are even more difficult. The pain to flatten the hair a hot iron that encourages the breaking of hair and weakens it too, the time consumed and the dull, dry look that's not worth going at all. The plate must not damage the ceramic plates that not only the hairstyles, but the repairs and protects the hair too. The hair pressing process is faster, easier and soft. Needless to say the results are much better than regular irons.

The main component of the steam iron is the fuel that is stored in exclusive iron chamber or deposit. The liquid turns to steam heating and penetrating through the leaves in the hair, providing adequate moisture for best results. With this sheet, brings in the fuel vapor Reconstrx built in that is a combination of a characteristic ingredient of K-PAK – Quadramine Complex (which has a unique protein blend which strengthens the hair, special fatty acids and botanical moisturizers exclusive). Its chapters are protected by their coating and reconstructs hair from the inside out. The steam, as we all know better penetration helps bringing back the shine.

The release of steam is not automatic and can be controlled with the push of a button to release or stop the release of steam, as needed. The fluid that fills the iron deposit in the plane takes about 2-3 times of complete hairstyle and everything depends on the number of times you use it or hair length too. It is highly recommended that you use only K-PAK Reconstrx of fuel vapor in the iron and not any other fuel to keep the hair out of place and damaging iron. The flat iron also be used as a normal hair without the liquid pressing tool, however, the results are much better when applying revolutionary liquid transforms steam heat in a deep penetration that offers all the benefits of K-Pak as style. Furthermore, because the vapor fragmentation protects hair from heat, fuel liquid should be used each time.

What else? The Joico K-Pak Reconstrx VaporIron comes with adjustable temperature control, to have that decide how much heat you can take your locks. It is extremely portable and you can just close your closing package with luggage, and travel! Learn more brilliant, more healthy and straighter hair!

Melanie Adams Journalist/Writer at Melanie Adams Journalist/Writer at Joico K-Pak Reconstrx.

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