Graphite Lite

Graphite Lite
MacGregor Finesse Lite is a 2 or a Ladies Golf XIX establish a good buy?

I plan to learn golf here in Ho Chi Minh City and was above Golf brand new sets U.S. sales $ 510 and $ 420, respectively. Both are 12 clubs (1 driver @, but the axis of the century is approx. 2 inches longer, nineteenth head is larger and heavier), wood, 4 and 7, XIX, 3 and 5 wood for Macgreg, irons 5-9, sand wedge, pitching wedge, rescue (Macgreg) approach wedge (XIX) putter. XIX is supposedly a brand in Singapore. Both are manufactured in China and have graphite shafts. The Macgreg is lighter. They tried both in the store and Macgreg seems to be easier to handle. Are these good brands and models? My height is 5 "2 1 / 2", so you have to check whether trade shaft length is standard for any brand.

Large ladies

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