Grand Mayan

Grand Mayan
Who would win the World Cup if these were the teams?

Holy Roman Empire Kingdom of Aragon Kingdom of Casile United Kingdom of León Navarre Duchy of Milan, Venice, Republic of Genoa Republic, Republic of Florence Papal States Kingdom of Naples Duchy of Savoy ex United Kingdom of England Kingdom of Scotland Lordship of Ireland Grand Duchy of Moscow, the Byzantine Empire Kingdom of Jerusalem, Principality of Antioch County Odessa County Tripoli Abbasid Caliphate Dynasty Yuan Dynasty Ilkhanate Golden Horde Empire Timurid Empire Aztec Maya Inca Empire

This is the most difficult / best question of the year … This is very hard … but I'll go with … Among Byzantine, Aragon, Castile, Romans, Aztecs, the Republic of Florence, is the Chen Dynasty choice? How dare people not say the Byzantine? tsk tsk Shame on you! lol

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