Glider Olive

Glider Olive
SUGAR GLIDER …???? blah blah blah (apparently I'm 20 Human Rights Commission ..)?

ok, I have two female sugar gliders … I feed them every night with the following … yogart corn peanut butter (pieces) of broccoli lettuce tomato olives (every two days) feed sugar glider however, have become too fat .. What can I do .. ?? I do not want to starve … but I fear they will have a heart attack if they do something … eating better than my husband and I. .. lol thanks .. t ~

stop giving them daily yogurt and peanut butter and love of God stop them corn. corn has a high phosphorus content, and when the calcium phosphorus ratio is out of whack all the extra phosphorus is converted to fat. yogurt and peanut butter should be a pleasure and not part of the meal. and why arent you feed them worms, mice, Pinky, or crickets. are severely low protein, high in phosphorus, im surprised the only problem they have is fat

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