Genuine Lambskin

Genuine Lambskin
Original Italian leather or lambskin wallet genuine?

Im looking for a comfortable portfolio. which I have now is a tri-fold is why im looking at the bi-fold. But I'm thinking it's more comfortable to sit in his place in my back pocket. Italian leather or lambskin? detailmain.jsp? itemID = 30,678 & itemType = product & iMainCat = 983 & iSubCat = 988 & iProduct = 30,678 & Selectedcolor = 1836 I actually carry very few letters perhaps as 8 +. But everything is to im llooking in comfort. The only one I have thick skin is a tri-fold making it so uncomfortable

Leather! Sheepskin adjusted cards and hurt your but!

Chi by Falchi Genuine Lambskin Leather Hobo with Stitchi…

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