Gear Sports

Gear Sports
Is it gay to have a sporting fetish …. like hockey or football gear??

I just want to know if u have the same interest talk about it! Well i wish other guys in it ……….. I play and I sometimes look around when there gettin dressed ……. i am attracted me to it ….. i I saw a naked man before and do not have that kind of reaction …… Rob email me I reached my limit !!!!! I would like to here them!

Hey Cool: A fetish is a sexual fantasy that includes something like sports equipment or certification body parts, like feet. If you need to start after someone has removed, or you just like the smell of it or lick the sweat of the arts, then they have a fetish. If the person whose sweat you want to lick from the art is the same sex as you, then it is a gay fetish, but not necessarily gay fetish. I have a few really hot stories. To read the e-mail and I will send to you. Rob R

Fifth Gear – Volvo V50 T5 v Subaru Legacy Sports Tourer

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