Garmet Bag

Garmet Bag
I have a new product that is a reusable bag tied to a charitable organization How can I start selling in bulk?

I have a designer (fine fabrics and flexible) reusable multi purpose shopping bag tied to a charity.I used to work at the district and are working garmet buyers contacts.I home, but how should I approach the market week in New York in May. "Buyers are buying anything like this and consider it an accessory purchase or buy it all year. How should I approach the big box stores and major department stores. How can I get the word about him? Why Where to begin.

Try contacting the purchasing managers in the dept. stores. Market week in New York is a great event just show and tell. Since that is linked to a charity. I would also mention that when the marketing of greater cooperation. – Cause Marketing – Look at this will help.

How to Make a Garment Bag : How to Sew Ribbon Trim to Front of Garment Bag

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