Garment Sleeve

Garment Sleeve

Even if you're an identical twin, you are one of a kind. Its unique body is beautiful, but can consider yourself part of the body as a defect. Does challenge you with a special lining that makes all its hand-knitted sweaters as not quite right? Do you choke, ride, was crooked? Try these tricks jersey adjustment.

Choose the right style for your body shape.

It's a shame that not only can fit flat style each column, hourglass, apple or pear. You know better than the features you like about your body, you want to hide. Choose a style that puts the focus where you want rather than those without.

A person with narrow shoulders can do better with a boat neck sweater adds visual width compared with a raglan-sleeved sweater that can highlight any downward slope in the shoulders. If you are a hippie, a long loose sweater can do better than a cropped style jacket.

Your employer design was not a factor in its defiance of special fitting.

That does not mean you should use a tent to hide what you do not like. Making allowances in the pattern of material where you need more or less. Great fit starts with the shoulders. Get this right and is on track. They are wrong and you think you take your father's jersey – Or his son.

Blessings in disguise.

If the double boob fairy blessed, adding short rows provides settings to accommodate extra best blessings. Maybe you've always avoided an empire waist, because it adds to your bust instead of snuggled right underneath it. Add longer in the upper torso and the formation of darts. Earth, right under the bust waist, where most women are smaller and suddenly you look like a queen.

If a party back too generous or cosmetic surgery makes her sweaters gap open in front, add stitches in his hand or seams evenly spaced around you for more fullness. Believe it or not, you may want more fullness if you have no back at all.

Perhaps one hip is higher and makes your hem sweater was singing. Add rows as needed short from waist to edge on that side which sets straight. Nobody will ever know.

Cap sleeves that look round arms – Not what you want if the arms are thin and muscular. Add longer, perhaps more fullness. Finding a magic sweet spot that's just right for you. Perhaps you can copy the sleeves of a garment you already have that flatters her arms.

A little more length in the back of a sweater can help them fit better in most everyone. Try some short rows across the center of the back and the neck down. No more drafts!

If you use these installation personalized jersey tricks for your next hand-knitted sweater, wrap you in comfort and flattered that fits your unique body.

For more tips on sweater fitting from a professional tailor who knits, visit my KnitsGoneBad blog at

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