Garment Luggage

Garment Luggage
Does Fashionphile get the highest price for the LV luggage?

Tryint or sell a bag of 2 Louis Vuitton Taiga Garment Hanger for ~ $ 1500 fashionphile can order these types of prices when selling?

Hi There! I am the owner of real Amour by Amour Couture (as mentioned above). Fashionphile going to try to sell his bag of clothes on eBay, where you're likely to go for about $ 1500, but take anywhere from 30-40% commission on sale, leaving you with less than I expected. If they buy plane is likely to offer 20-30% of the purchase price, which is even lower. consider sending a lower and like the company of good repute. For example, because our business is smaller than can enter for a fraction of the price and give you the exposure in several websites. Our products also sell for a higher amount of the dollar, because it is a much more professional environment than you find on eBay, serving a high-end clientele. For more information, please email us at and I would be happy to explain the process further. Thank you thank you and good luck! Devon – Owner

Samsonite Xion 2 Spinner Garment Bag Luggage

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