Garment Carrier

Garment Carrier
If the U.S. Postal Service add kilts as a uniform option for men?

A postal worker is campaigning for the right to remove his pants. He wants the U.S. Postal Service to add kilts as a uniform option for men. "Unbifurcated Garments are far more comfortable and suitable to male anatomy than trousers or shorts because they are limited leg cramps or genitals the male of the way that trousers or shorts do, "he wrote." Please open your hearts – and inseams – for an option in the mail convenience companies!

A STANDARDIZED kilt … YES! In reality forced an old employer to allow me to put mine in the days of summer very hot … the ladies in the office could wear skirts … Why could not wear shorts or a kilt. As a man of Scottish descent, I have several skirts of our clan … for formal wear in general and walks in the woods or wilderness. I am also married to a Filipinna, and enjoy their traditional use sarong. A convenience in summer. One thing I will say but … I want to see postal workers in their uniforms to add something more PRIDE! I was disappointed recently to see our local postman with his shirt untucked and dirty shorts.

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