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What is the best voltage converter and adapter kit available on the market?

I live in America and I will travel to China with my school March next year. I'm going to need a voltage converter and an adapter kit for my electronics. Some of the things that are loading my Nintendo DS, MP4, mobile, camera, and maybe some other small portable devices. That voltage converter and an adapter kit would you recommend? I've seen a few but tests are not as good, please help me find the right one for my travels that is high quality and works well. I would prefer if less than $ 50. Thank you. Some of which I have seen are: com/Samsonite-Converter-Adaptor-Plug-Pouch/dp/B000A8MTOM/ref = Pd_sim_hi_18

How do you define "good"? Most devices do not need to use more than 100 W or less, so the Samsonite seems more than adequate for what you want. Moreover, most portable devices have universal adapter 100-240 V, so you only need to use plastic plug adapters.

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