Forward Wheeled

Forward Wheeled
Why is the nose wheel of most passenger planes are folded toward the way?

ie against the draft – does not would be better if bent in the direction of aiflow?

The reason the team is folded forward is usually because there is more space at the front for the bulky wheel assembly to retract the rear of the wheel and where the cockpit floor to enter the form. As for the movement outdoor trash drop, do not buy it. There are plenty of planes that have gears times the other way (and sometimes sideways!) Is pressure accumulator (sometimes combined with another source of tires) and the gravity that causes the computer to free fall. It also locks down to prevent the progress of collapse. If the pressure air for the team would collapse as soon as the plane slowed. As a mechanical gear that I have made several free fall and have never had to put a fan in front of the plane to help gear down.

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