Folding Luggage

Folding Luggage
Baggage …. what to do?

In March I'm going on my first flight out in my first business trip .. about 3 days. I have no real bag of my own father has just carried on his business trip only and 3 rigid mom vintage suitcases Samsonsite father bought back in the 50s. I also have a folding cart luggage in college I used to carry around my school books. I know that the conduct is good. .. but what about vintage luggage? Can the airline (Continental) have a problem with the collapsible cart? .. And I can not really afford to buy any bags again.

I'm not sure if it would be a problem, but I could not see why it would not. This sounds a bit old school, but you could ask your parents to throw in some money for new bags if you are concerned. Or, you can go to TJMaxx or Marshals and get a piece of luggage for less than $ 100. I'm pretty sure if you look, you can find some for cheap. good luck! 🙂

Suitcase Folding Bike – Wave of the Future?

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