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Is there any truth in this matter American Military?

A common phrase heard in Europe is that the American army is the worst trained but better equipped army in the world. Please do not mention the special forces, I mean just the regular front-line troops. some fluff to guide you. I saw a video a few years ago, shot by a friend of mine in Iraq (he is an official MOD). It showed a group of American soldiers bombarding an area with precision set point. He dialed a number into a computer and the shells went off. Then the team did not work and all stared at each other. It was not a commander German tanks during the last stages of WW2 said, "can destroy ten tanks Sherman of the loss of one Tiger, but ten more and Sherman did not take place that have no substitutes. Do you think that rely heavily on technology that when broken can leave stranded.; Edit Tru2corp. Thanks for the answer and that makes sense. That was a great post

Until a couple of months ago I served in the U.S. Navy, compared with all fighting forces in the world in the top 3 next with the Royal Navy and the Republic of Korea (South) Marines, which together with great frequency of trains. During my 7 years in most of the technology I was night vision goggles, a communication system and even went to use a GPS, once during combat operations. We are the best equipped in the world, yet we Highly trained very well. The example uses the artillery system, I am familiar with it. The reasoning behind this is that this was a new system that was applied in operations. The shells were not regular shells, which had a guidance system in them. The crew could have fired the rounds, but not "point" accuracy through a window, but more of a target area. But the shells are also much more expensive than a standard shell, and probably knew they would be in trouble if they lose. Could they have changed to a level of deposits and fired manually, of course, but not travel with a single gun, whether the need for the ordinance came in, others could take the call. Hope this helps.

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