Fluff Dog

Fluff Dog

Customers respond positively to the Miele S511 Cat and Dog Plus. Satisfied customers who had purchased the S511 Cat and Dog Plus noted that comes equipped with a filter HEPA, without any need to update a conventional filter. Some note that they approached the Miele with some hesitation, one said "of course did not believe their claims, few vacuum cleaners have managed to pick up dog hairs in my experience. I thought it must be a trick. "When he bought the device without But they were very impressed.

"We turned it on for the first time and the radiant face …. He felt strong and powerful and made our upright vacuum in others it seems like a toy. "Another said simply," this is all fluff and dirt … I however, never had to push down the tube with a skewer to release the lock, which only seems to refer to everything throw at it. "

They appreciate its design features, the empty cartridge is low to the ground and moves easily crack the nozzle, upholstery and dusting brush tow well, and that the void is the space efficiently. A client has _As observed, "the gap is very pretty, with features that make sense only if people use it. Claims for customers is that the vacuum bags are expensive and not can be reused. One owner wrote "The suction is so good (or my house is so dirty!) I have to replace the stock quite often." Another noted that this model "does not like being dragged.

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Tulip the Barking Fluff Dog

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