Florentine Napa

Florentine Napa

You will not believe the selection available at the mountain cocktail set to start shopping online. The range of designs is so broad that it may have difficulty make a choice and is likely to ask more than one set at a time. Thirstystone Mountains, for example, are handmade sandstone and absorb water that condenses in all types of drink glasses and cups. Enhance your entertainment serving cocktails in Florence coasters made from Napa as another option you have on this item of decoration for your home.

A list of mountain charcoal cocktail improve the appearance of the cocktail glass and exotic drink inside. The edges of scales on the roller coaster seems as though you've chosen a piece of slate on the outside. The cork backing protects your furniture from being scratched by the stone. This stone is absorbent and absorb the water flowing from the glass, preventing pooling on your furniture and damage the finish.

Leather is another material used to make joint Mountain elegant cocktail. Each mountain is decorated with walnut or some other kind of hardwood and the set of four coasters come in a wooden stand. The skin is soft and flexible and will not damage your table. You can also have these mountains monogrammed with your initials or your name or have many different images printed on them. The total weight of such a set is a little over a pound, which means no additional charges very little for shipping.

Bring your photos to life for including them printed coasters. You can display photos of their children or grandchildren or even your vacation photos to a tropical island in each of rel = "nofollow" href = "http://www.thirstycoasters.com/servlet/-strse-Coast-to-Coast/Categories"> cocktail coaster. This will surely be a topic of conversation as the guests want to see all the photos and ask questions about them. Stations can also capture stunning imagery in the mountains, like the autumn leaves, a beach scene or one of the snow-laden trees.

A mountain made of ceramic cocktail is finished with Absorbastone texture on the surface of the mountain that will prevent the bottom of the glass from sticking to the mountain as the liquid pools at the top. The liquid penetrates the mountain leaving the surface dry. The images printed on the tile biscuit not wash or ink colors run. These mountains are almost indestructible and will will last for generations. You simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean them.

Bamboo has a great material for cocktail sets mountain. If you have cocktails on a regular basis, it can be drunk without mountains of bamboo. This natural material is waterproof and is growing rapidly which means that replenishes itself. There is no harm being done to the environment in the harvesting of this wood and coasters are hypoallergenic, making them essential for health family and their guests.

A set of mountain cocktail makes a unique gift. You can get these sets in a wide variety of decals adapt to the tastes and interests of their friends and family. A golfer, for example, would be delighted to receive a gift with images of golf on each mountain. Also can get these sets with images of different types of cocktails in them. The wide range of options will give you many reasons to start shopping for mountain line of your choice.

Allison Ryan is a freelance writer from Southern California. She specializes in home accessories and interior design, and enjoys collecting sandstone beverage coasters for her home and office. For a wide selection of printed coasters, please visit http://www.thirstycoasters.com/.


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