Flight Socks

Flight Socks
how tight flight socks should be? worried about DVT?

Do you think this is right? My flight socks, were not difficult put, and I would say installed, clung to my leg and released, but not much leg press. Know if I am worried that I should go to the doctor, but questions what general guidelines for flight socks are? How tight / constriction should be? Thanks also to my ankle swelled up a bit despite carrying socks, is this normal?

DVT is not something you should spend much time worrying. If you are young (or at least not too old!) And fairly healthy then, unless you remain in your seat never once turning to get comfortable or even go to the bathroom, then it's OK. During a flight (say it's a 5 hour flight), should get up and go to the bathroom once or twice, have a bit of a stretch when you do, and relax. That's not very different from a normal day at work, right? I know you urinate once or twice in that time! If you're still worried, then very little exercise when in his seat, as the slowly rotating ankles / wrists and bending toes up tight / make tight fists, hold for a few seconds, then release and repeat ten OT eleven times. You will get the blood flowing to the extremeties of your body and can show discretion in his seat without making yourself look like a lunatic to the person next to you. Seriously though, do not listen to all the alarmist vein thrombosis; deep is not as big a threat as people outside that if it were, the airlines would be a legal obligation to instruct and give demonstrations Traveler exercise-book.

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