Fish Extender

Fish Extender
He dropped something in the air vent of my Cavalier 02. Help!?

My boyfriend and I were putting the board back panel in my Cav after installing a stereo aftermarket. was closing the loop in the upper panel, when it dropped the extensor rotating the wrench in the central ventilation air front (the one under the windscreen, with large plastic grille). I have little hands so I tried to get it, but fell below. I am afraid to drive the car because I do not want this piece of metal broke my fall on the fan or air intake. We will try to drop a strong magnet in a chain of fish out there, but if it does not work, can someone tell me how to reach the air vent system of a Cavalier 02? I swear, this team music has been more trouble than it was worth … * Shudder *

so look under the dash to find tube hose or rotary digging pul off

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