Eye Shade

Eye Shade
What makeup eyeshadow should use (eyeliner, mascara)? Calling all makeup artists!?

I will be receiving my photos taken by the beauty of online photo contests. I want the glamor of high / gloss appearance. About me: I just, cool skin tone. I have the brown hair (medium to dark brown hair I guess). I have hazel eyes that change color with the lighting. I use eye shadow pink too. What shades of mascara and eyeliner is best for me for this occasion? I also want the long, thick lashes look fake. Dark black would work for me? I also wondered if the low cost (drugstore makeup) that will work equally well for this time instead of makeup as MAC b / c I'm on a budget? By Please help.

dont use black …. UR will make eyes darker brown mascara, I probably would best attempt of New York (color Ney York) trademark use lighter shades of eye shadow pink

kim kardashian makeup look – soft natural brown eye

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