Extreme Pak

Extreme Pak
K-Pak Reconstructor and Cholestrol Conditioning?

My hair is very dry, damaged by years of color and the role of last highlghts made me begin to break my hair. I'm getting married in two months and have been trying to get it back in shape and I have long hair and takes him down to the wedding. I did not blow dry the hair in a few months and I flat iron maybe once a week or every two weeks. I bought Joico K-Pak reconstructor and wonder if I use a my Queen Helene cholesterol in my hair afterwards. I do not think this could hurt, but I'm not sure. Besides, I'm planning to use it only once a week use permit Chi Keratin spray after I wash my hair (about every 2-3 days). I also bought Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner but I fear that the combination of all these products to give my hair too much protein. Experienced stylists Any suggestion? My hair is very thick and very thick.

It sounds like you have purchased products awesome! Without However, K-Pack is all you need. (but you can use more) Cholesterol is good, yes, but is generally used for the condition. Also, get in LEAT two inches cut the ends every month. (better yet, get some layers too, this will help get all the dead ends!) In general, the only way to repair damaged hair is Cutt off, but you can use the products to smooth the cuticle. The combinations and the widespread use of the products you mentioned will do no harm. As the products you are using is moisturizing. If you are using the Redken extreme, I would use this every two days and then using the K-Pak after washing the 7th. Usually that's how deep condition. Also, try to buy a clarifying shampoo and use it every wash 8, This will remove the wax and create new businesses of all products to be used to help your hair take better conditioning treatments. However, do not use a shampoo that clarifies a lot, this is dry. This is only later, after your hair is no longer damaged. I think if you use your Queen Helene conditioner after the K-Pak, which will weigh down. These products are not bad, nor do they contain too much protein, have a lot of wax. The wax is what accumulates. In addition, K-Pak has a new "Split end repair" which is also impressive, proving that too! Protein will make the hard hair, but after that it helps hydrate. Another point to remember is that you should only wash your hair every day, the more you wash more than take natural oils. And you have to lose. I hope I have answered your questions! Good luck! Kim

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