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Expandable Tote
I will travel with Frontier Airlines and just bought some ….? luggage

I went to their website, but I see nothing that says that the size requirements carrying out and checked baggage. I also wonder what it would be convenient to carry in my luggage (digital camera, cell phone, etc. ..). Can someone give me a link please? My luggage sizes are: 28 "x18x10-Expandable Upright 24" Upright x16x8.5-25 "Rolling Duffle x11.5×12-19" x14x7.5 15 "x10x8-Tote will be my husband and me. We wer going to take to carry out the backpack and the material … is that allowed? And also the 28" and 24 "suitcase going to check … is that too big? Thanks bunches! Sorry, I forgot to put the 19 "x14x7.5 was carried out.

Be sure to put the camera and any other film you have in your hand – the large machines used for baggage X-raying it is super strong and can develop your film (from what I heard.) Because of that, I always make sure to bring my camera to carry out (although I also have a digital now). Basically, bring something you do not want to leave your site in your luggage – money, cameras, phones, laptops, iPods, etc. No restrictions on carrying electronic items – You will not be able to use at certain times during the flight (and I'll let you know when you can and can not use them). FAA rules on what can or can not bring: http://www.tsa. gov / travelers / airtravel / prohibited / permitted-prohibited-Border items.shtm rules about baggage: http://www.frontierairlines.com/frontier/faqs/baggage-faqs.do

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