Expandable Rolling

Expandable Rolling
The use of expandable foam padding, convereter oxide and aluminum strip to repair rust holes in the trunk?

I have one meters 99 Chevrolet and today I discovered that the trunk mat on the rear passenger wheel well is wet. When I removed the carpet, I saw a hole open rust (6 "X2")! Do not want to pay for welding and patches, so I bought a can of rust converter and a small roll of tape heavy duty Canadian Tire aluminum. I intend to deal first hole edges with rust converter, then patch the hole with aluminum tape and then use the More foam padding for insulation. Please note that this is not a cosmetic, not a major structural repair. Just to stop the oxidation and block the water to enter the trunk. Please let me know your suggestions as soon as possible. I am a total rookie!

Do not use expandable foam to fill this application. There will be a complete mess of this review. (Once is expanding). You may want to use some Bondo (work faster) or any repair fiberglass, or even a sealer from 3M (talk to a body shop supplier). A bit of foam under the bottom layer can not hurt either .. Just wear goggles when using wire wheel …. Get your Money Back from the can of foam padding as well. $ 6.99? Good luck to you

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