Expandable Duffel

Expandable Duffel
4 days 3 night trip help!?

February 12-15 Ok so im going to a trip to Pittsburgh with my church and my mother used to spend more than $ 30 in a suitcase for me, and I take a suitcase or duffel bag? I take this bag? http://www.walmart.com/ip/30-Large-Expandable-Travel-Duffel-Bag-Teal-Black/11069708 that space is enough? I have to take (a blanket, pillow, sheets, clothes, toilitres, jackets) and I'm taking a backpack to put my camera snackss ect. in U think that would be enough space?

Which one? They look very small if you bring all those things. No need to bring a lot of things. Also might need to carry extra bags

Skyway 18 Expandable Duffle

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