Expandable Carry

Expandable Carry
ASP expandable baton in Texas, I need help here!?

I have a 21 in Baton CLACSO asp expandable, and I'm pretty sure you can not take in Texas, but Im not sure, right? and I have in my apartment? my girlfriend and I live in a bad part of Texas at Arlington, complex mal … shes 17 and small and I'm 18 and only 5'9 I am a big guy … and we have good things! now! Can I have my baton in my apartment? as if I'm caught up with him in my house I can go into any kind of trouble? Can you carry in your car?

Yes you can have an ASP in your apartment and not the police can not remove if you're in your apartment. As for carrying in the car do not know, but I carry one in my car and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and are plotted on a passenger in a car that looked like it would assault the driver hit them. The police officer who arrived at the scene said nothing, even after I told him what I did. I hit a passenger or even approach her just to keep my hand and told him to cross the street. It worked. So those are a good deterrent, but do not let go if someone grabs him and turn over to them and then retire. It is best to consult local laws, but I think these are only illegal in CA, DC, NY, MA. I carry in my car if I were you if you do not fell safe in the neighborhood. Make sure you know how to use it and went to hit someone, because there are areas that are not legal to strike unless a situation of life and death. Go to Youtube and type or ASP expandable baton and check out the videos on the use of the baton.

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