Expandable Black

Expandable Black

It seems that not a new iPhone clone coming out all the time. I suppose that this source is due to high consumer interest and high demand. In today's economy, may make sense to have the flexibility to be free to choose their own low-cost airline without having to go with the network hawked by the phone you want.

In my opinion, the influx of clones in the market has been favorable to consumers because competition keeps prices low and the number of phones are constantly emerging ensures that you can personalize the phone with the exact features you want.

Speaking of customizing your phone, one of imitations new iPhone, the phone X, you can choose from several colors and finishes. This article will discuss the features and specifications of this phone new X model.

Tri-Band: Although you should definitely check with your network or service, this phone works with most GSM networks, especially in North America. This works on frequencies GSM 900, 1800 and 1900. Thus, most people do not have a problem. You just have to insert the GSM SIM card and the phone reads it. However, there are a few AT & T and Cingular customers that run in the range of 850 to check to be sure.

Have you seen the gold iPhone Clone?: Probably the greatest highlight feature of this phone is the ability to obtain in various finishes and colors. Although I have found that by far, gold is the most popular, it also comes in red, blue, silver and black.

Shake and Tilt: Although there are some clones that lack this feature (not everyone likes or thinks is useful), many new clones of today have a complement which also is known as "Shake Control" or "swing / shake to the music." What this means is that you can move forward or music, media, video, wall papers, media, etc just shake your phone. Similarly, by tilting the phone, image or video they are always right itself. You can take the phone from portrait to landscape or wide screen tilting only.

Other Features standard: Xphone is what is called "dual sim", which means you can have two phone numbers or networks running simultaneously. It could T-Mobile text and surf the Web AT & T. This makes it very popular among executives and businessmen, people who have a lot of calls (or want two numbers for them), or people who want to talk with a SIM and surf the Web with another. However, you do not have to use both sims, if desired.

This phone comes fully equipped with everything we have come to expect from the knock offs from China, including web browsing and web browsing, MP3 track / capabilities MP4, a high resolution digital camera / web cam, FM radio and Bluetooth. This phone also has the "flow touch" interface that lets you manipulate documents and media, (and displacement) using only your fingers.

Memory is expandable on it for up to 2 GB.

The Xphone has a very generous talk time of 200 to 320 minutes and a very long time from 150 to 350 hours.

Data transfer is through USB cable, which is very easy to transfer information and data back and forth from computer to mobile phones.

Cost: The price through XPhone is now around $ 150, depending on how much memory is included. (I bet this is reduced in a short period of time though.) This makes Average prices on what is included.

I think most people are comfortable with paying that price because they are really interested in get a copy of the iPhone in a color other than black and silver, and the phone X is one of the few models that offers this.

To view close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the XPhone, please click here or visit http://xphone-review-blog.blogspot.com/

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