Exotic Cruise

Exotic Cruise
What are some exotic fruits in ..?

Im going on a Caribbean cruise but our first port stops will be the Bermuda San Juan Puerto Rico and St. Thomas and Grand Turk if anyone knws exotic fruits or food in the places id love to try!

put all inhibitions aside and try everything! I LOVE cruising and I love every minute of it. How fruits and vegetables at source is best. Even if you have tried a fruit here before and did not care to try again there. Exotic fruits and vegetables are often picked before ripe to do so throughout the long trip on a cargo ship for import. Take in all the exotic food and culture and taste everything. Star fruit, guavas, mangoes, pineapple and other fruits of the region will be amazing there. Eat the food where the lines are the longest. Even fresh bananas and plantains'd better get in the grocery store in the U.S..


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