Euro Universal

Euro Universal
Why are we not use our own credit – credit – system, and we are forced to use credits from the bank?

We begin with the individual overall – credit – deserved the system and sharing in this global market, rather than being forced to use bank loans or private – Monetary system of government as dollars, yen, euro or Sterling, etc. .. These systems are expensive credit and the big thieves have access to their expenses and we indirect debt and pay for any other indirect costs, such as costs of public deficit, the cost of the banker or stock market speculation, and international exchange rates of the charges or money transfer charges or service fees high bank! ! Our individual credit, the global credit market is based in a system of universal pricing hours for materials and expenses Manufacturer exact times, deducted from our citizens in the individual account global system and our own costs per hour in a punch in the workplace teamwork or the number of hours spent for services rendered will be credited to our universal account!

Paper or Plastic Sir?

universal euro

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