Essential Wall

Essential Wall

There is an excess of TV stands available in the market with a plethora of different designs and price tags. What is right for your TV?

Here are some simple tips to help avoid the dangers of buying the wrong TV stand.

Make sure your TV is the right size to support and ensure VESA having the correct space. VESA spacing is the distance between mounting holes on the back of the TV tend to have small TV VESA 100 and VESA 200 spaces, VESA 100 means that there are 4 holes arranged in a square shape with 100mm between each hole. Larger TVs typically use VESA 400, ensure you are buying support is compatible with VESA and VESA mount is correct.

Make sure you buy TV stand has room to run wiring, all is well and good show beautiful flat screen TV on the wall, but if you can plug in what is the point?

Decide where you are going to run your wiring and where you will place the player DVD, etc. AV Big TV accessories online supermarket offering a wall-mounted shelf full of excellent cable management, these can be a great buy to keep everything clean and tidy.

Decide if you want a slim bracket that gets as close to the wall as possible, if this appeal to the idea that being aware that lose swivel and tilt facilities available in other media do not get as close to the wall.

Tilt brackets usually have a inclination of 15 degrees and are ideal for when the TV is mounted very high, this type of support is essential in some cases.

Swivel brackets, there is a series swivel TV stands available, with some incorporating the ease of inclination of some do not, so check this before you order. There are 2 types of mechanism rotating cantilever arm is often used, such a mechanism allows the monitor to be removed, rotated to almost any angle and pushed flat against the wall, When moving the TV often this is the kind of support you want. The other type of swivel bracket should be loosened and moved higher (usually with a screwdriver); this type is not as flexible but is more suitable for places where stability is a priority.

In short —
1) Check the size of your TV and maximum capacity in brackets, Also check the mounting holes of the TV to ensure compatibility.
2) Think before you order the wiring to ensure that will have room to connect your TV and a system to take care of loose wiring.
3) Think you want to put your other computers.
4) Decide if you want a flat, tilt, or rotate and tilt the bracket.

Visit BIG AV the TV furniture superstore for a range of high quality brackets for any size of TV.

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