Effort Golf

Effort Golf
British Golf Sucks If so, what can we do to find the next Tiger Woods?

Junior Golf is the key, but certainly we need a school course with the support of our so-called stars working together. Theres a degree in golf in Birmingham, but thats not soon, I loved golf since the age of 8 years, so its gotta start around that age if not before. And lets not forget those who cannot allow, DJ Spoony is doing a good job of that and I have seen the potential in pleny "less fortunate" children, but not only is there support or advice as to where they go. He was the father of the Tigers rich when he turned to since the age of 4? I doubt it. His very particular, we must combine our efforts and therefore rely on the experience of others to help to resolve this situation. The Spanish seem to be able to, as do the U.S. or even Sweden. WHY? Theres gotta be something. Yes it takes money, but hell, golf has correctely if channeled money. Lets not be a failure of tennis. Faldo is trying its hardest, lets get behind him and a lot more. You need a bigger push for sure.

to increase the number of people at the top of the game is necessary to increase the number of people who take up at the municipal and public courses. and, unfortunately, there are barriers to participation in golf that exists in other sports like soccer and rugby, which are two, if the most popular in the UK at the moment., for example, before going on the golf course must take certain things: (minimum list) Polo T-shirt, pants, shoes (option now!), 1 wood, at least 3 5 7 9 irons and a bag to keep them on t-shirts from the store, and the balls enough so you can make a maximum of 18 holes. Yes I know it's likely that you have to go to the practice field with mom or dad before going on the course but must have invested more in Junior Golf to enlarge the basis of persons participating in the beginner level, this would only get more Juniors from the competition after performance after the tiger Excellence and other professionals! Hope this helps, Nick

Ryan Ortega’s “least effort” golf swing

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