Edge Select

Edge Select

1. Select the Ellipse tool (L).

2. Double click on the tip of the tool on your canvas to open the Options dialog box of an ellipse.

3. Enter the numbers easy to remember the Width and Height. For example, 200 wide and 50 tall.

4. Select Selection Tool (V). Put it on the oval you just drew and then press the Alt key Council should show His tool Double Arrows. That means they are willing to double its ellipse.

5. Click and drag to move away for a duplicate ellipse.

6. Select the Rectangle Tool (M).

7. Double click on the tip of the tool on your canvas to open the Options dialog box rectangle.

8. Enter the same width as was used for the ellipse. For example, 200 for our example.

9. Enter any desired height.

10. In the ellipsis Place two or less on top and bottom edges of the rectangle. Do not worry if you do not align perfectly to resemble a 3-D cylinder.

11. Open your Align palette (Shift + F7).

12. Click the Selection Tool left (arrowhead in black) and drag on the 3 objects to select them.

13. Click the Horizontal Align Center button to align the centers of the two ellipses and the rectangle perfectly in the center line.

14. Click and select the upper ellipse. Press the up arrow or down as needed until the sides are aligned perfectly with the top edge of the rectangle.

15. Click and select the bottom ellipse. Press the up arrow or down as needed until your sides are perfectly aligned with the bottom edge of the rectangle.

16. NOTE: The ellipse is aligned perfectly with the box when the boxes blank on both sides of the radio lines of the ellipse with the corners of the rectangle. Or, you can also choose View> Snap to point function from the main menu. Of So when you bring a circle / ellipse in a rectangle with the same diameter and width to be adjusted easily.

17. Click and select the upper ellipse.

18. Right click and from the popup menu, choose Arrange> Bring to Front. The top of the cylinder is made.

19. Select the direct selection tool (A).

20. Click the bottom edge of the rectangle and press Delete. The bottom of the bottle also done.

21. Select the ellipse and the bottom of the rectangle and select Object> Group from the menu to group them into a single graphic object.

22. Now color is the way you want.

23. Then select the ellipse superior color separately. Rectangle overlap and conceal the top edge.

24. Now select everything on your canvas (Ctrl + A) and select Object> Group from the menu for the group as a single graphic object.

Your cylinder is ready. Now you can transform and use the vector drawing anyway you want without losing any resolution.

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Edge Loop Select – Demonstration

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