Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Linoleum is considered a cheap alternative and eco-friendly floor bathrooms. Linoleum tiles (VCT) is zero, water and fire resistant, durable and long lasting. Linoleum is made in vibrant colors and attractive designs and which can provide an artistic touch to your bathroom. Due to its high oil content linseed linoleum is anti-microbial in nature and naturally fights bacteria, giving a clean, green bathroom and healthy. Linoleum is growing more difficult with age, and therefore do not need replacing for years.

Vitrocerámica tables as a solution for bathroom floors are also advisable. These tables are usually made from recycled products such as discarded glass bottles, jars, etc., and its manufacturing process is also quite simple, and has harmful to the environment. Usually ceramic tiles are not easily damaged by moisture and are long lasting. Moreover, these come in attractive designs, colors and shapes and give your bathroom a stylish look. Cleaning products such as tile cleaners EcoStone are easy to use and effective in eliminating for tough stains, which can be used regularly to maintain a sparkling clean bathroom.

Having hardwood floors to a bathroom nor is a poor choice. Bamboo is a good choice when it comes to durability, water resistance and moisture and longevity. Bamboo flooring is very affordable and a product sustainable harvest can easily return as echoes friendly. Apart from these benefits bamboo floors are bacteria, mold and mildew resistant and become an option perfect for a bathroom germ-free. Bamboo flooring can be easily maintained by using products like the "cleaner hardwood floors, which is a non-toxic, environment friendly, water-based solution that helps keep the wood floor in a shiny new condition.

Cork is also considered as one of the most eco-friendly materials and soil can be easily used for bathroom floor, since it is naturally waterproof. In addition to cork is obtained from the bark of a tree that does not kill the tree, and can be harvested every nine years. Eucalyptus is also a rapid growth of wood and a sustainable product that can be used as a soil eco friendly alternative.

Although a bit on the expensive part, the stone is also another popular choice for bathroom floor because of its durability and resistance. Rocks such as limestone, slate are eco friendly in nature and are obviously waterproof. Today textured stone is available that is perfect for bathroom floor, it is not slippery and safe. Moreover organic stone ground easy to bathrooms can be easily cleaned and maintained through the use of popular and effective EcoStone. Chemical free and eco-friendly diamond pads are available that help polish floors of limestone and others to retain their luster.

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