Duffle Sports

Duffle Sports

Almost everyone had a stuffed toy treasure when they were young. The feeling of happiness and nostalgia for the toys is what some adults become in collectors of them, namely, Steiff stuffed animals. They are in great demand by collectors when they are available at fairs and auctions, namely the teddy bears. The Legend of Steiff stuffed animals began sometime in 1880 in Germany, in the city of Heidenheim an der Brenz. Margarete Steiff, a wheelchair seamstress, created the toy animals from their own designs as a hobby.

They were mostly of dogs, cats, pigs and elephants. Stuffed animals know it today began when Richard Steiff, a nephew of Margarette, created the first toy bear with jointed limbs in 1902. This bear with jointed limbs became popular worldwide, and as a result, was the winner at the World Exposition held in 1094 in St. Louis. He was later named after President Teddy Roosevelt and was known as the teddy bear. The company is known for its high quality creations, which are still made in the city of Heidenheim. The city of Heidenheim is considered a mecca for lovers stuffed animals, and visitors can experience the adventure Museum and the Steiff factory. The museum tells the history of products and a shop Gift sells bears, replicas of animal products past historical catalogs and porcelain.

The Steiff Classic range is the line that is most wanted by collectors, with a variety of animals are all handmade. Most creations dating back to early 1900s to the 1920s. There are also a bear with a heart sewn on Valentine makes a romantic gift. The range also includes the characters of Beatrix Potter's tales, including Peter Rabbit and the hedgehog Mrs. Tiggy Winkle. Another favorite of children that is available is Paddington Bear, with its trademark blue hat and red duffle coat. Most Baby Steiff animals are created with babies and young children in mind. Teddy bears, kittens and puppies are included in this collection that is designed from durable, high quality materials.

The line has animal friendly animal machine washable, and there are also children's clothing, key rings, bags, gift sets. Another great collection is the selection Steiff limited edition replica showing a pink and gray of the 1908 world famous teddy bear. You also can find a moon bear, a grizzly bear and a cute Pierrot in the selection. Another of my favorites in this range is the famous character from history books, Rupert Bear. However, the teddy bear toy will remain is more associated with the company.

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