Duffle Luggage

Duffle Luggage
Weight Luggage Tips? Packing and luggage?

I'm on a year studying abroad in Brazil next year. My program allows me 1 (44 lbs) and 1 bag to check further. Can you give me any reccomendations on what the luggage can I get? Was thinking of a wheeled bag, something light. Also, what are some packing tips to keep the light of … ?

I take the minimum. It is probably enough shirts, underwear shirts with the last two weeks (so maybe it is 10 each, and then off to the washing machine), a couple pairs of jeans and a nice pair of normal things. sneakers, a pair of shoes, sandals, almost everything to fit easily into a normal suitcase. A sweater and a jacket. For the transfer of some of the things basic hygiene (only small tubes) and odds and ends.

American Flyer Animal Print Wheeled Duffle Luggage

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