Duffle Brown

Duffle Brown
What is the fashion this winter of 2009?

Hello everyone, I was wondering what is the fashion this winter, as I will be doing a little shopping this week, so I have something nice to wear no uniform on Friday. I've already got a black / navy blue backpack / military jacket, a purple scarf with matching hat (one of those hats that hung on the back of his head as a sort of sock hat) and a pair of brown leather boots looking for. I wondered I could take with this and what kind of tops and pants are in. If possible, could not find any example for me on the newlook / riverisland website because that is where you buy the most:) Thanks. x

I do not know if they are fashionable but .. but I love these hats. http://www.theirongategallery.com/Skunk-Hat_p_737.html

Tay & Devo – Duffle Bag Boy Remix – CAVE ENT St.Louis

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