Duffel Overnight

Duffel Overnight
What to do in Portland and strong?

I am writing to Portland on Thursday and I will be doing a student during the night at a local university. The problem is, I'm supposed to arrive on campus at 4:30 and accidentally scheduled my flight to land at about 10:30 am. I decided to simply explore the center of town for a while, knowing the environment, etc. but, I'll have a bag and backpack that would be very uncomfortable for me to lug around. Does anyone know any place where I could find my luggage lockers and storage, and also the ideas of places to visit in the middle? I'm thinking pure coffee shops, stores record, perhaps an art museum, etc.. Thank you!

Im in Portland and theres really not much to do here, but is cool OMSI Oregon Zoo downtown convention very cool that we have national parks outdoor things

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